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Azerbaijan is a country of unique nature, unmatched culture, and centuries of customs, traditions and cuisine. Historically situated on the Great Silk Road, straddling various geopolitical, economic and cultural landscapes of its surrounding nations, Azerbaijan has long intrigued the world's greatest minds: scientists, travellers and historians alike. Nestled amongst the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan may not be a large country, but it is one of great ambition, diverse culture and dazzling venues. Being a modern and progressive country, it has much to offer those in search of the perfect event location and an exceptional experience to go with it. Firm in its own identity, yet open to a wide range of global influences, the nation is rapidly transforming into a prime international business events destination.

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F1 Azerbaijan GP 2023

Baku City Circuit has put tickets on sale for all 4 days of the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023, which will include an exhilarating Sprint race for the very first time.

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74th International Astronautical Congress

The 74th gathering of IAC will take place this October at Baku Convention Center.

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