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Tripadvisor adds Baku to its list of worldwide trending destinations

The city of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, has been included in the list of global trending destinations by well-known travel platform Tripadvisor. The list, compiled by the platform, is based on the searches and interests of site users throughout 2022.

The ‘Trending Destinations - World’ page of the platform's website features 25 destinations from around the world, with Baku ranking 8th (

The list includes countries that were most searched for in 2022 compared to 2021.

Tripadvisor recommends interesting places for tourists, the best hotels and suitable places to eat. The platform, which serves 463 million travellers every month, allows visitors to read user reviews about destinations and make choices based on recommendations. The website has over 8.6 million listings for accommodation, restaurants, airlines and cruises, with more than 859 million user reviews.