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the pearl of the Caspian region

discover Baku's cosmopolitan culture, iconic venues and warm hospitality, ideal for hosting remarkable business events by the Caspian Sea.

Few cities in the world are changing so rapidly, and it’s hard to think of any other city where East and West mix so seamlessly as in Azerbaijan’s fascinating capital. Historic ties with the ancient Silk Roads reinforce an outward-looking attitude, underlined by Baku’s international importance as a petroleum and business city, a role that it has held for well over a century. Visually too, the city has a very cosmopolitan air – classically graceful stone buildings and pedestrianised tree-lined stroll-streets contrasting with a wealth of 21st-century structures, some of them jaw-dropping masterpieces of global stature.

Over the last decade, what had started as Baku’s second oil boom has developed into a general blooming in a range of fields, making the city ever more attractive for all kinds of visitors, whether on business or just coming to delight in a wide range of cultural and architectural attractions. As the economy diversifies, the city has been enthusiastically positioning itself as host for major sporting and cultural events and as a prime regional hub for meetings and conventions. The result is a fabulous portfolio of new, state-of-the-art hotels, restaurants and venues.

Baku’s sparkling new architecture might lead you to think of the city as essentially new. But look again. It only takes a quick wander around the city’s UNESCO-listed antique core and the almost Parisian streets surrounding it, to realise that things are far more interesting. Baku is a city awash with art galleries, theatres and music venues, and the love of literature is reflected in so many streets that are named for local writers. On top of all this there’s the delight of discovering the subtleties of Azerbaijani cuisine, from saffron and world-class Caspian caviar to more modest home-cooked dishes that shine with a remarkable freshness of flavour.

From dazzling 21st-century skyscrapers to a mysterious medieval tower, from modern art galleries to a fascinating history museum, Baku has a remarkable wealth of visitor attractions. Within a short drive you can also discover unique fire phenomena, mud volcanoes and prehistoric stone carvings. For more information,visit

Azerbaijani cuisine is a spectacular fusion of flavours whisked together by the different cultures that once travelled along the ancient Silk Road. The country’s unique geography has also given rise to some of the world’s most flavorsome produce: fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and honey, world-class Caspian caviar and saffron. You’ll find plenty of places to sample the best of Azerbaijani cuisine, alongside a growing mix of popular international franchises, contemporary cafes, caravanserais and steakhouses.

Azerbaijan offers the unique opportunity to combine an amazing adrenaline-driven or culture-packed holiday with world-class wellness treatments. Nature has not withheld its healing touch from this land - there are many healing sites in Azerbaijan, from mineral springs to restorative baths, from healing Naftalan oil to curative muds. And above all, you can boost your well-being through the curative properties of our natural resources or the wide variety of treatments available at our health resorts.