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as a modern and progressive country, Azerbaijan has much to offer those in search of the perfect event location and an exceptional experience to go with it

Azerbaijan is world-famous for the warm hospitality of its people. Not without reason there is a local saying that "the guest is the flower of the house". Certainly, treating one's guests with respect is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries and is still held in high regard today. Our inherently hospitable manner blends naturally with high standards of service across convention venues, hotels and other types of accommodation. 

Baku enjoys all the mystique of being an ancient Silk Road port but can just as easily serve as an organised, modern transport hub that dominates the eastern Caucasus region. With great transport links to the rest of the world, over 20 operating airlines and more than 50 direct flights to various destinations across the globe from the country's several international airports, Azerbaijan can always stay connected. 

Over the last decade, Azerbaijan has developed in a range of fields, making the country ever more attractive for all kinds of visitors whether on business or just coming to delight in a wide range of cultural and architectural attractions. As the economy diversifies, the capital city Baku has been enthusiastically positioning itself as host for major sporting and cultural events and as the prime regional hub for meetings and conventions. 

Azerbaijan has a deliciously wide variety of foods to offer throughout the country. From European and Asian fusion to Azerbaijan's own rich and refined traditional cuisine, the country will not only tantalise its visitors' palates, but their cameras too. Delightful restaurants range from impressive minimalist works of 21st century art to teahouses and caravanserais of the 19th century and beyond. For a real Azerbaijan experience, you can lose yourself in the colour and bustle of a traditional bazaar.

Azerbaijan is among the most cost-effective countries in the world, with various offerings available for all budget categories. For example, an average stay in Baku costs noticeably less than in any other European metropolis. The very competitive rates for top quality services provided at beautiful, ultramodern hotels will definitely add value to any business event. Public transportation is inexpensive - a bus and Baku underground journey costs just 0.4 AZN (~0.24 USD). 

Guests of the country can rest assured that while they are visiting Azerbaijan, they are in safe hands. The country is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, praised for its low level of petty crime, allowing visitors to easily explore, discover and enjoy their surroundings with minimal concerns for their security. The protocols and regulations implemented in Azerbaijan are in line with the most advanced international standards of safety, security and health norms.