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culinary masterclass

culinary activity

Azerbaijan’s inspiring cuisine is influenced by the country’s bounty of fresh produce and its location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Guests can get a taste of its intricacies during this 4-hour private cooking class in Baku, led by an expert culinary guide who starts the experience with a visit to the local bazaar (market). There, you'll interact with sellers and select high-quality seasonal ingredients before returning for hands-on instruction from an expert chef on how to prepare some classic dishes. These might include numerous types of pilafs, lule kebab (minced lamb skewers served with lavash flatbread) or different types of dolma. After the class, the group gets to share the delicious fruits of their labour and, as a farewell present, receives a recipe card so that you can cook the same dishes again once you get home - and bring your friends and family a taste of Azerbaijan.