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chovgan and gulesh experience

sport activity

Azerbaijan has its own distinctive traditional sports. You can get a taste of a couple of them, then follow it up with a pair of shooting competitions for an unforgettable day’s team-building. Start with 'Chovgan', an ancient forerunner of polo where riders charge around on specially trained Karabakh horses. Learning to play is too taxing for a single day, but participants will watch a game and then try on the traditional costumes, get acquainted with the equipment and try to score a goal. Next up is 'Gulesh', a local form of wresting in which the aim is to force the opponent to kneel. A fight is preceded by a 'Zorkhana' display, a spiritually inspired performance of strength and skill set to traditional musical. After watching, professional instructors will give participants directions and in a short time prepare them for a competition of their own: two forms of shooting. Divided into two teams, the group will compete at two main venues: with pistols in an indoor range and sport shooting outdoors. Results will be collected from both venues for semifinal and final competitions. Soft drinks are also served.