Bakuvians are real lovers of strolling, socializing and being ‘seen’ along the balmy Caspian-side Boulevard or in our fountain-filled parks full. Flat capped old men, skinny-jeaned lads with front combed mop tops, scampering kids marshaled by mothers in 4-inch heels or chic Islamic scarves – all rub shoulders in a city that’s determinedly multicultural. Mosques, churches, and synagogues are dotted between coffee shops and pubs, boutiques and galleries. The congress delegates can rest assured that while they`re visiting Baku, they are in one of the safest tourist destinations of the world; a city which is known for its negligible level of petty crime in its streets – they could leave a bulging wallet in their back pocket as they wander.   This also means that delegates can easily discover and enjoy the city on their own with minimal concerns for safety and security.

The Local Host Committee is fully aware of the fact that the delegates` safety and security are the crucial elements of any international event and will ensure the provision of the highest level of planning and coordination in this regard.

Azerbaijan symbolizes