Baku yesterday, today, tomorrow

Baku is truly amazing city – rich history here lives together with beautiful present and really promising future!

But can you imagine that it is actually possible to make an incredible time travel through the most significant dates from Baku and Azerbaijan history using local oriental time machine (reminding a simple iPad)?

In the modern society, where people are planning to become space tourists and go to Mars, – are you ready to be the first interactive time travelers? We’ll find this out soon!

Game points and missions

Must see places

The Old City. Our teams would visit the famous Icheri Sheher – the inner city. They’ll need to complete several creative missions including a photo in local clothes and making a special video clip.

Heydar Aliyev Center. Our teams would make an incredible tour around the Center with the help of augmented reality (when they point the iPad camera at any image, they can see a short video on the screen).

Fountain square. At one of the most beautiful city squares participants would have to organize a flash mob.

Istiglaliyyat street. The modern Independence street would show us the most beautiful sights of the city like Philharmonic, Literature museum and others.

Traveling to the past

The House of Government. Our teams would answer a series of interesting questions about Azerbaijan culture, history and famous people.

Sahil Park. Here our participants would try themselves in a new role – they would record some short interviews with the locals.

Funicular. Are you ready to take a picture with the most breathtaking view over Baku? And also get some interesting info about the Soviet period in the city life.

Institute of manuscripts. Let’s find out more about the Oil boom in Baku!

Baku today

Carpet museum. One of the ancient carpets in the museum would also become a key to the graphic cipher on the iPad screen!

Bahram Gur monument. Let’s talk about interesting city legends and myths right near the monument to the famous local poem hero.

Baku Boulevard. Some interesting photo tasks with locals and city sights would wait at one of the most crowded places of modern Baku.

Flame Towers. Participants get a very ambitious task to put their Company’s logo at the famous Baku skyscrapers using iPad camera and the special paint (right over the photo) function!

Looking forward to the future

Little Venice. Our teams would work on their first movie trailer in one if the most interesting places of modern Baku.

Khagani Garden. In the beautiful city garden participants would take a series of short interviews with the locals about the future of Baku.

Yarat Conteproary Art Space. Participants would have a small quiz about modern Baku arts and even try to male their own art object with the help of our agent and some interesting props!

Location: City Centre

Duration: 6 h

Maximum group size: 500