Surf, turf and a lot of class
A relaxed yet sophisticated palette of cool blues and soft silver leathers is warmed by limed oak flooring, sculpted carpets and iridescent pearl mosaics, all complementing this celebrated restaurant’s Caspian seafront location. Further maritime styling comes from driftwood and whale vertebrae but the cuisine is wide ranging with a balance of creativity and classic flavors and a specially designed charcoal grill that cooks barbeques to tender, aromatic perfection. Sahil’s cellar stocks a world-class collection of wines and the cocktail list offers divine creations using pomegranate, saffron, quince and oregano plus perfectly iced shots from the special vodka-freezer.


Our Address:

34 Neftchilar Avenue, Seaside Boulevard, Baku, Azerbaijan


40.3675164, 49.8407688


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