A fashionista nirvana 
One of those rare brands that successfully combines global reach while retaining an aura of cult exclusivity, Buddha Bars bring together Parisian je ne sais qui with an enchanting East Asian mystique. The exotic ambience is conjured up by low-watt amber lighting, fine mahogany furniture, decorative panels, Asian art pieces and rich, soft fabrics of calming blues and glistening golds. Set on two levels, the Baku version offers a menu of Pacific Rim dishes and cocktails, observed by a central Buddha figure exuding a sense of serenity that augments the resident DJ’s electro-ethnic lounge beats. The venue is a particularly ideal choice for those based at the glamorous JW Marriott Absheron Hotel with which the bar shares a building.


Our Address:

Azadliq Square, JW Marriott Absheron, Baku


40.374980494585, 49.856865541434