infrastructure and modernity

Over the last decade, what started as Azerbaijan’s second oil boom has developed into a general blooming in a range of fields, making the city ever more attractive for all kinds of visitors whether on business or just coming to delight in a wide range of cultural and architectural attractions. As the economy diversifies, the capital city Baku has been enthusiastically positioning itself as host for major sporting and cultural events and as the prime regional hub for meetings and conventions. The result is a fabulous portfolio of new, state-of-the-art hotels, restaurants and venues, some of which are among the city’s most remarkable 21st-century architectural masterpieces. Most notable are the iconic Flame Towers, the brand-new Baku Convention Center and the fabulous Heydar Aliyev Center, a Zaha Hadid designed wonder that is widely considered amongst the world’s most memorable recent constructions. Baku also has numerous other centrally located facilities, offering ideal conditions for large-scale conventions and other trade events for up to 10,000 participants as well as smaller, more exclusive meetings and conferences.

Azerbaijan symbolizes