Azerbaijan’s inspiring cuisine is influenced by the country’s bounty of fresh produce and by its geography at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Get a taste for its intricacies at this 4-hour private cooking class in Baku led by an expert culinary guide who starts the experience with a visit to the local bazaar (vegetable market). Interact with traders, select high-quality seasonal ingredients then it’s time to return for hands-on instruction from an expert chef on how to prepare some classic dishes. These might include ash (Azeri-style pilaf), lule kebab (minced lamb skewers served with lavash flatbread), qovurma (lamb stewed with onions and pomegranate) or saj ichi (meat and vegetables cooked in a cast-iron pot). After class, of course, the group gets to share the delicious products of their labours and as a farewell present, receive a recipe card so that you can cook the same dishes again once you get home and bring your friends and family a taste of Azerbaijan.


Location: local restaurants

Duration: 6 h

Maximum group size: 30

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Azerbaijan has its own distinctive sports. Get a taster a couple of these, then follow it up with a pair of shooting competitions for an unforgettable day’s team-building. Start with “Chovgan”, an ancient ancestor of Polo where riders charge around on specially trained Karabakh horses. Learning to play is generally too taxing for a single day but participants will watch a game then try on the traditional costumes, get acquainted with the equipment and try to score a goal. Next up is Gulesh, a local form of wresting in which the aim is to force the opponent to kneel. A fight is preceded by a Zorxana display, a spiritually inspired performance of strength and skill set to traditional musical. After watching, professional instructors will give participants directions and in a short time prepare them for a competition of their own: two forms of shooting. Divided into two teams, the group will compete in two main venues, with pistols in an indoor range and sport shooting outdoors. Results will be collected from both venues for semifinal and final competitions. Soft drinks are served.


Location: Elit Horse Club

Duration: 6 h

Maximum group size: 70

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Baku yesterday, today, tomorrow

Baku is a very exciting city where rich history lives together with a dynamic present and promising future. It’s as though you can see history being created in front of your eyes. But better still, imagine that you are actually able to travel through the centuries to visit some of the most significant dates in the history of Baku and Azerbaijan. That’s the idea behind our ‘oriental time machine’ which might look more like an iPad than a tardis but promises an interactive and inspiring day of learning about and interacting with the city as a fascinating team-based activity.
In this modern era of space tourists and plans to visit Mars, are you ready to be the first interactive generation of time travelers?

Location: City Centre

Duration: 6 h

Maximum group size: 500

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For centuries, Azerbaijani artists have used gold, ink and brightly colored paints to illuminate and beautify Islamic manuscripts. In this practical class, participants will learn to prepare materials using traditional methods, to make water colours and gouache paints using natural pigments and to understand how to apply gold leaf. Then the class will be introduced to classic interwoven geometrical motifs, notably those known as Islimi or Rumi. The work produced by each individual will eventually be combined into one single one piece of art that can be kept as a unique collective souvenir that might make a special decoration for your workplace upon return. If time allows, there will also be introductions to ofther Azerbaijani crafts including carpet weaving, traditional scarf making and pottery.


Location: Old City

Duration: 3 h

Maximum group size: 20

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