Azerbaijan Cuisine Cooking Class – From Bazar to Table

Get a taste for the delicious, complicated beauty of Azerbaijan-style cuisine during this 4-hour private cooking class in Baku. This intriguing cooking culture has been influenced by its geography at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, lending its cuisine an unexpectedly delicious flavor.

Participants will meet expert culinary guide and begin their experience with a visit to the local market – Bazar, where, with the help of the guide, will select the high-quality ingredients required for the lesson. After buying fresh ingredients from the local market, participants will head to a cooking lesson and receive hands-on instruction from an expert chef on how to prepare plov (Azeri-style pilaf), lyula kebab (lamb or mutton skewer served with lavash), qovurma (lamb stewed with onions and pomegranate) or saj ichi (meat and vegetables cooked in a cast-iron pot): depends on the choice. The art of cooking in Azerbaijan is rooted in the depths of centuries. Azerbaijan cuisine belongs to one of the most interesting cuisines worldwide. It is well known among the Eastern cuisines, but some of the dishes are included in the menu of international cuisine. A lot of it is historically based, as appropriate, on the relevant national tastes and lifestyles. The Azerbaijan cuisine has got its own originality and national color specified by cooking techniques, flavor and traditions by table parties. The Azerbaijan cuisine is one of the most extraordinary cuisines in respect of its tasty and healthy dishes distinguishing by their diversity. It constitutes the abundance of meat, fish and vegetables dishes seasoned by sweet scented greens and spices. There are no cooking recipes from the book, recipes are only transmitted from generation to generation. After class, participants sit down with the group and enjoy the wonderful food, cooked with newly acquired cooking skills. At the end of the meal, participants will receive a recipe card so that you can treat your friends and family to a Azerbaijan’s feast back at home.

Location: local restaurants

Duration: 6 h

Maximum group size: 30