“Chovgan” game experience. The ancestor of Polo – Chovgan – from times immemorial was considered an aristocratic game and held in a separate field, on specially trained Karabakh horses. Participants will watch the game, try on the traditional costumes, get acquainted with the equipment and try to score a goal.  Zorxana and Gulesh experience. Gulesh is the most ancient traditional martial art in which pehlevans (the fighters) have to make the opponent kneel. Before the fight, the musical performance of strength and power Zorxana takes place. After watching, professional instructors will give directions and in short time prepare participants to be ready to compete! (Try shots will be provided for all the participants.)

All participants will be divided into teams where they will compete in two main venues. The first venue is indoor shooting range where competing in shooting from professional pistols. In outdoor venue, the competition will be in Sporting shooting. The results will be collected from both venues for semifinal and final competitions. Soft drinks are served during the competition.

Location: Elit Horse Club

Duration: 6 h

Maximum group size: 70