the pearl of the caspian region

Bring your conference or event to Baku and you’ll find superb facilities, a depth of talent and extraordinary value for money. But that’s just the start in a city that combines stunning 21st-century architectural masterpieces contrast with a UNESCO-listed old city core wrapped in a fairy-tale fortress wall. Though set on the edge of semi-desert, exotic trees line the mesmerizing curl of waterfront promenade. Dazzling international boutiques and shopping malls contrast with timeless family carpet shops tucked into antique stone houses. There are small cozy cafes, glitzy modern restaurants, oriental tea houses, jazzy cocktail bars and convivial pubs. Altogether it’s far more than many first-time visitors are expecting. Get ready to be surprised.

why Baku?

Baku Cosmopolitan. Open to change. Hospitable. Baku is the pulsating hub of the Caucasus, the queen of the Caspian. It’s the vibrant capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, powerhouse of a country transforming itself beyond an oil mecca into a crucible of creativity and economic diversity. Baku is a tangle of contradictions, intriguingly old and compellingly new.

what to visit

From dazzling 21st-century skyscrapers to a mysterious medieval tower, from modern art galleries to a fascinating history museum, Baku has a remarkable wealth of visitor attractions. Within a short drive you can also discover unique fire phenomena, mud volcanoes and pre-historic stone carvings.

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