For centuries, artists have used gold, ink and brightly colored paints to illuminate and beautify Islamic manuscripts.

In this practical class the participants will learn to stain and size their paper with traditional dyes and methods. They will also make water colour and gouache paints using natural pigments. Participants will learn how to make real gold paint, and how to apply gold leaves on paper and will be involved in the process of carpet weaving, traditional scarf making and pottery.

As the second part of a the class the more complicated designs as geometric motives known as Islimi or Rumi will be introduced and the task of each participant will be to make up a part with their motives and ornaments to be conjuncted with the individual parts of all participants into one piece of art that can be taken as a memorabilia and unique and very special decoration to your office.

Location: Old City

Duration: 3 h

Maximum group size: 20