what is ambassador programme

Project aimed at supporting the congress ambassadors, i.e. members of international professional associations from among renowned Azerbaijanis scientists, doctors and other experts, as well as senior representatives of local branches of international companies based in Azerbaijan, who have the possibility to influence the choice of destination for future conferences organized by these associations or companies in favor of Azerbaijan.

Project was established in 2019 at the initiative of the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau and its members.

Azerbaijan Convention Bureau team consisting of PCB experts and partners provides congress ambassadors full support in every stage of the bidding process, planning, promotion and organization of the congress in Azerbaijan in order to make the event successful


ambassador programme’s goals

  • Increase the potential of congresses and conferences in Azerbaijan 
  • Increase the country’s competitiveness
  • Recognize and appreciate congress ambassadors for their contribution to meeting industry as well as for representing the Azerbaijan Republic
  • Promote important sectors of local economy including science and research, IT & Technologies, Manufacturing etc.
  • Connect experts with the commercial sector


who is ambassador

The community of congress ambassadors is composed of representatives of the non-profit sector, i.e. doctors, scientists, professors and other experts who represent the Azerbaijan Republic in international professional associations, and senior representatives of local branches of international companies. Both groups are actively involved in the preparation of international congresses or conferences within the professional associations and companies and can significantly influence the choice of the host country in favor of Azerbaijan .

In case of international association congresses the active participation and support of the local representative is, according to the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), in 70% of cases necessary for the submission of the candidacy of the destination, as well as for the implementation of the congress or conference.


how to become an ambassador

You can become an ambassador too. The congress ambassadors, within their associations or companies, lobby for the benefit of Azerbaijan and then participate in the preparatory work of the scientific, programme or organization committees. International associations often count on the fact that the organizing committee gets sponsors, plans a programme and organizes social part of the conference.

Although Azerbaijan is a great place, most meetings and conferences would not take place here without the “local hosts”.

And that is the reason why Azerbaijan needs you!

Getting a congress or conference in Azerbaijan will bring you:

  • Increased visibility and reputation among your colleagues at local and international level
  • Possibility to increase income of your project, branch or company
  • Opportunity to share the findings gained in the Azerbaijan Republic with your colleagues from around the industry
  • Access to the latest technologies and intellectual capital
  • Opportunity to enable your colleagues to use other sources of information and international study programmes
  • Increased visibility among the wider public, organizations and state authorities
  • Possibility to arouse the attention from the public on your activities and strengthen the reputation of your industry
  • Chance to attract foreign investments in your region
  • Strengthening the reputation of the Azerbaijan academic, scientific and business communities

Do you want to become an ambassador? Contact us!